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We solve your home and yard work problems so you can do YOUR thing.

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We are a solution-oriented, local, veteran-owned service company focused on getting the things done so you can do your thing.  Our main focus is helping you solve your basic home and yard maintenance problems so you can spend your time doing all the other things you need to do.

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Home Maintenance

Professional Mowing, Trimming, Fire Mitigation, Irrigation Maintenance, Snow Removal, and Clean Up

We live in the TriLakes area and know the unique challenges of maintaining a yard in this area. Our basic service is mowing and trimming, but we want to work with you to provide a sustainable, low-maintenance long-term solution to make your yard beautiful and enjoyable.



Being solution-oriented means we look for ways to guide you in creating the outdoor environment you want and think long-term. Let us do the work you don't want to, help rejuvenate your outdoor environment, decrease the plant maintenance and water required to maintain it.


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